In A Daze

by Radar Beamer

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    This is a bit of a rough draft, just something I started working on this morning. Trying to get some feedback on it. Enjoy.



In the cold of the night, we'll walk.
Holding each other tight, we'll talk and we'll talk and we'll talk and we'll talk and we'll

It's more than I could ask for
But I'm okay with it, yeah, I'm just fine.
Keeping our eyes on the whether or not,
It doesn't matter cuz tonight our planets will align.

I'll pour us another drink
Give us some time to think
About who we are and where we're going.
The best part of waking up next to you is that I know all that there is to be knowing.

Well I don't wanna be anywhere but right here and right now and with you.
I'm ecstatic and nervous,
I'm tossing and turning.
Got a rock in my confident shoe.

I've got the ground below me
And the sky above me
And I'm floating somewhere in between.
I've put my hard times into rhymes,
You're the lemon to my lime.
Yeah, you hold me up when I need to lean.

You rock me and you roll me
And you push me and you pull me
In all of the right ways.
I don't know just how I'm dealing
With the excitement that I'm feeling
But describing it, I could go on for days and days and days...

I'm in a daze.

You drive me crazy, babe.
You're driving me crazy.
(I'm in a daze)


released September 22, 2010




Radar Beamer Vancouver, Washington

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