Slowly Tumbling Down

by Radar Beamer

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    This is a bit of a rough draft, just something I started working on this morning. Trying to get some feedback on it. Enjoy.



Tell me your biggest secret.
Then tell me all of the things I wanna hear.
Assure me there's nothing to fear.

You're so lovely.
You bring me to my knees.
You're so ugly,
But you're my favorite disease.
Can't help from drowning
In your sea.
Can't help from fearing
All that you've given to me.
Just push me away
Make me history.

Cherish what's left of me.
Carry what you can of me.
Show me what I shouldn't see.
Tell me who I shouldn't be.
Take my hand, hold it tight.
Hold it all through the night.
We'll take our wrongs, turn them to right
And fight, fight, fight.

Can't you save me?
Can't you save me from myself, please?

All work and no play
Make for a very dull day
At least that's what they say
It's the price that we'll pay
The sins of the flesh
Are the ones that hurt best
If we make it through the test
Then we can beat all the rest.

From my head to my fingers
To our knees to our toes
We'll make it our little secret
Hope that no one knows.
Let's just make it through today
And we'll make it through tonight
And we'll fight.


released September 22, 2010




Radar Beamer Vancouver, Washington

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